New Chances in the Middle of the Corona Storm

by Emiilia - 4/01/2020

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March 2020. This month was so full of corona that I want to start this post by telling about something completely else. I call this month a month full of chances. You guys know I am a girl with big dreams. This month I finally fulfilled some dreams that I did not even know existed. I got a chance to feature in a podcast. It was scary and exciting. The podcast is by Kendra Martin, and it is called The Rise and Inspire podcast. You can find the episode I featured here. I am still so embarrassed for my giggles and all the nervousness there in the podcast. I always think that I can survive in English, but every single time I find out my limits extremely fast.

The podcast was about learning through cultures, mostly USA versus Finland. There in the podcast, I told some details of how I, myself, relate to the United States. Maybe I could repeat some of those details just to explain, why I felt competent enough to discuss this topic in a podcast. Our family and me personally, we always have had friends from the United States of America, and some members of my immediate family, including my mother, lived there for a while. Considering what I just said, it might be surprising that I visited the United States only three times. State-vise I went to Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California. So when Kendra asked me join in, of course I said yes. And I am happy I did. It also gave me the idea of maybe starting my own podcast some time in the future. Having that said I need to highlight the fact that all the other channels including Facebook and Instagram are just add-ons to this blog. My purpose of having those channels is to promote my blog, not the other way around.

Kuva: Lauri Kalima, Nordic Fit Mama

Kuva: Lauri Kalima, Nordic Fit Mama

Okay, the podcast was not the only new chance that came up on March. I was also introduced by Perhekupla to a fitness program for women that had recently given birth. That's me! The news of getting in to this program were so exciting. This was just what I needed, and what the mothers on the different corners of the world need right now: 1. Continue doing those things not related to coronavirus 2. Being able to do it from home 3. Staying in good health. The program is not just about being in a good shape, but also finding peace and balance in your own body. You can find info of the program here: Nordic Fit Mama. To reach the discount, you need to click one of these links to choose the currency: *EUR or *US. The most surprising part in the program was actually that it has been distressful instead of adding up on the stress levels, as I feared in the beginning. The program does not take too much time daily, but seems to be effective anyway.

March 2020 actually brought me also other very exciting collaborations. One was with the company called Nomai. I myself contacted to this company because I want to be a part of advertising the whole concept of using menstrual cups. Menstrual cups really helped me as I teenager since I could live a normal life also while having my period. The other collaboration was with *Reima, children's clothing company. They have high-quality clothes. All my readers know that I myself am never shopping clothes to my children (literally never!). My friends and family always gave me their children's old clothes. But, I do still want to advertise the idea of buying quality clothing, in that case that you don't have the chance to have your children wearing second hand clothes. The clothes of a good quality would be the ones lasting longest for you to give them forward, as your children are growing out of them. Of the topic of clothing, I might have something coming up on April aswell, so stay tuned.

The one last thing that cannot be ignored while discussing March 2020 is, of course, the coronavirus, COVID-19. I'll just say March was full of fear, waiting and changes. They closed our country, and they closed the area where we, me with my children and husband, live in. Most of the corona cases are here, and we want to stop the virus from entering other parts of our country. When considering the coronavirus, I kind of have the vibes of the Lucas Graham's song that I attached here. Let's see what April will bring along, and let's pray to God that we will overcome this, on the way He sees is the best.

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