Corona Panic, Wedding Anniversary And Crawling

by Emiilia - 2/28/2020

Since I started having so many English-speaking followers on Instagram I decided it might be time for one blog post a month in English. This section is simply: How are we? In Finnish, I do normally post only so-called topic posts. So not really telling what happened in our life, just discussing the topic. However, this English section is going to be the opposite, me telling about our life.

So one of the big themes for this month was of course the panic caused by coronavirus. Of this topic I wrote also in Finnish here. At first hearing of the situation in China and other places I started thinking what should we do. I bought hand sanitizers and was thinking how much food we need if we are forced to stay at home. I was worried especially of my little six months old daughter of course. What also caused me to worry was the fact that we had been sick for a long time. Having flue after flue. If all of our bodies are already weakened, does it effect for the worse? was my thought. But then I had some discussions with my Finnish friends and family and Chinese friends as well and of course googled the topic a lot. My friends told me to take a look at the numbers. This disease is not as bad as the media makes it.

I got more peace after having these discussions. There was also a website that helped me a lot actually, I know you think it's funny that I mention this particular website. Real peace comes of course from another source from above. Anyhow, numbers helped me too and I do hope those numbers are correct. If that website's numbers would be correct, there would be only little less than 3 % of deaths among those who got the coronavirus infection. The normal influenza is reported to have 1 % deaths. I was looking for the information if children died out of this disease and I did not actually find any information of children dying.

On the top of that I remember the swine influenza. When it came, everyone was also scared. Even though the numbers of deaths were actually something similar to normal influenza or perhaps there was even fewer deaths. I am going to tell you what happened there. In Finland, they had started to vaccinate. So the vaccinations were given in groups. First the medical staff got the vaccination. Then the children and old people got it. While they were vaccinating the children and elderly people, it happened. I got the disease itself. I got the swine flu. My brother had it first and then I got it. So what? It was not that big of a deal. I had flue for a five days and then I continued my normal life. I was not that sick compared to normal flue. I'd rather think the same thing is going to happen with coronavirus. It comes and it goes and it is not that big of a deal. I hope.

Okay but let me tell what else happened besides being in panic for the coronavirus. We had our fourth wedding anniversary. Can you believe it, me and my husband have been married now four years! BTW I started this blog after getting married, so it means this blog is also going to be four years soon. To be honest, it often feels like this blog and our marriage would have continued even longer. A lot happened during this period of time. So, how did we celebrate our anniversary this year? Well, we went to Hesburger with our daughters. We ate there. That was it. We can't really go anywhere without our daughters. They are a baby and 2,5 years old. They can not stay at home alone, and we don't have too many babysitters either. So why didn't we go to any nice restaurant? In Hesburger there is a place for kids to play. In nice restaurants you can never eat in peace. This is our life now and it just needs to  be accepted.

The third big event was our almost six months old starting to crawl. Victory! Or another reason to be in panic maybe? I don't know which one but of course everyone wants their children to progress. One of my friends once said that God gave us these steps of children advancing because there is so much of the other not that positive stuff in parenthood going on. This would bring us joy. I think my friend got it right. Alright then, let's see what March is bringing along.

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